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About the Trust


The Ollie Feast Trust exists to celebrate the life and legacy of Ollie Feast who tragically died whilst visiting friends at University of Bristol in 2015. The Trust was formed in Cambridge in April 2015 by Ollie's close friends and family. We are in the process of seeking charitable status.


Ollie was passionate in his support of the underdog and challenging or pushing to the limit one's personal capabilities. He had a huge enthusiasm for sport and travel. He was a creative dresser and had an eye for fashionable clothes.

Accordingly the objectives of the Trust are to make grants supporting the following:

* To assist the education / development of young people in Cambridge

* To assist individuals on personal development programmes

* To assist individuals in sport or educational travel

Some grants will be for the delivery of regular, annual activities - especially sporting programmes.

The Trustees are keen to select beneficiaries who want to do something in their Gap Year (either just before or just after Higher/Further Education) that could either (a) advance their own personal development or (b) help those who may be underprivileged, an underdog or from a deserving group.

Contact the Trust

Via email - contact@theolliefeasttrust.com

22:17:30 Thursday, 19. April 2018