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Trust Ambassadors

The Ollie Feast Trust Ambassadors are volunteers who work in conjunction with the Trustees to try and deliver the Trust's objectives in supporting young people in Cambridge.

This may be through anything from helping to raise awareness of the Trust's work, to organising/running our events and fundraising big or small. Ambassadors play an extremely important role in our work and are invaluable to the Trust.

Our Ambassadors include people who knew Ollie as a friend, through school or University - those who didn't know him at all - and we're proud to have some of those young people who've already received grants volunteering in the role. We are very keen to work with anybody who has an idea or some time to lend a hand in supporting our mission statement as an Ambassador - in exchange we can offer you a lot of gratitude and a t-shirt!

Please get in touch if you would like to volunteer in any way, shape or form as a Trust Ambassador and we will get back to you as soon as we can -

Registered Charity No. 1177424

14:16:04 Sunday, 26. March 2023