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Summer Camp

For the past three years the Trust has organised a week long Summer Camp for students aged 13-15 from local schools in Cambridge and surrounding areas, hosted at the Leys School.

This is a week of fun physical activities such as kayaking, kick-boxing and archery, team building exercises, problem solving and every year we've also been able to invite an inspiring speaker to come and speak with the kids and tell their stories. It's been a real pleasure to see the talents of all young people involved and how they grow over the course of the week, and the camp is really the highlight of the year for the Trust!

You can watch a short 2 minute video of the camp from 2018:

The happy group of 2019 campers!

Below is some of the (anonymised!) feedback we had from the 2019 camp as well as some of the photographs from the week to give a taste of the camp and the amazing array of fun activities. Additional photos from previous years can be found on the Trust Twitter account.

Out canoeing on the river in fabulous sunshine

"We’d like to say a big thank you to The Ollie Feast Trust and all the camp organisers and leaders. Our son ____ had a fantastic week! Every afternoon he came home exhausted and told us about the diverse range of activities he had participated in that day, the amazing facilities and of course the food!
He really enjoyed getting to know all the other participants and the group leaders.
What a great way to mix team work and leadership skills with the opportunity to experience a very wide range of sporting activities.... Thank you to everyone involved!"

Very elegant alternative canoeing style!

Learning the art of kick-boxing with some proper gloves on

"I would like to thank you and the other staff from NCA who supported the Summer Camp ____ attended. He has been using terms like awesome and epic to describe his experience.
It sounds like an inspirational as well as hugely enjoyable few days.
A great initiative; thanks to everyone involved in making it happen.

Listening to Roy Turnham, centre forward for the England Blind Football team and our inspirational speaker

Trying a hand at archery

"____ absolutely loved it today, especially the kick boxing! She was full of it when I picked her up from school and as such is looking forward to tomorrow very much.
In addition, she enthused about meeting some new people and also the facilities offered at The Leys."

Cricket in the indoor nets

Literally trying out the ropes

"Thank you so much for a fantastic summer camp for ____. Up to the minute of dropping her off to the mini bus she was refusing to go.
I must admit I put the pressure on to attend. I believed it would be an amazing opportunity.
I would like to thank everyone who has worked so hard to give these young people this fantastic experience.
____ really enjoyed it."

Colourful rock climbing!

Team building in action

The success of the camp is all thanks to the time and enthusiasm of many volunteers and also some staff from the Leys and partner schools, with particular mention to Damien Rigden and Ed Durrant who have been central to its organisation! Thanks to everyone involved!

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