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About Ollie

Ollie was born at the Rosie Maternity Centre in Addenbrookes Hospital, Cambridge, UK on the 7th of September 1994 to his parents Steve and Tina, and sister Alice who is older by 3 years.

He grew up in Sandy, Bedfordshire as a cheeky little boy looked after by his parents and nanny Vikki.

Aged 7 Ollie joined Bedford School where he really began to explore his love for sport. A keen cricketer and rugby player, he soon made it into the first teams, including the U15 Bedford Rugby side which made it to the quarter finals of the Daily Mail Cup in 2010 - although Ollie was injured just 36 seconds in!

Mid-way through his GCSEs, Ollie joined the Leys school in Cambridge where he would go on to continue his sporting prowess, playing for the first rugby, cricket and hockey teams despite being in only year 11. His fearless attitude, dedication and athleticism were always evident, and he was often seen leaving the rugby pitch covered in blood - almost always his own! Ollie was number 7 in The Leys U18 rugby side that won the Daily Mail / RBS Schools Rugby Finals at Twickenham in 2012. The following year he scored 92 runs at the Dambulla International Stadium in Sri Lanka as opening batsman for the school, a tally he managed despite playing in 40C heat. He also played in goal for a successful 1st Hockey team.

Ollie made some fantastic and life-long friends at the Leys, and fell in love with living in Cambridge and all it has to offer.

After his A Levels, which ensured he would have a place to study History with Anthropology at Birmingham University, Ollie took a year out for travelling. To save up money he looked around for jobs and applied to work at Harrods in London in the toy section - a punt which came good, as in his interview he successfully sold ice to an eskimo and got the job!

Ollie had always dreamed of travelling the world and especially South America, and in the summer of 2014 he set off with his friend Tino, later joined by Felix, and spent 5 months travelling through Brasil, Argentina, Colombia, Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru and Panama. He had the most fantastic time and came back fully bearded!

September 2014 saw Ollie starting his studies at Birmingham University, where he joined the football and cricket teams. Despite never having played football at school, Ollie's hockey goalie reflexes soon proved good! For his anthropology course he was able to study the aztecs and some of the rich history of South America which sparked a great interest in him thanks to his many travels.

On the 3rd of February 2015, Ollie went to Bristol in order to visit an old school friend from Bedford. On the morning of the 4th of February, he was found floating in the water in the Bristol Docks and despite efforts to resuscitate him was declared dead that afternoon, aged just 20. He is deeply, deeply missed by his parents, sister, friends and all who knew and loved him. He was buried at Barton Glebe, just outside Cambridge on the 6th of March 2015.

The trust is dedicated to keeping alive the memories, passions and interests of a truly wonderful person who should still be with us.

Photo Montage of Ollie on Vimeo (password: alicefeast)
Video Compilation of Ollie on Vimeo (password: keyscollege)
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